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Thoughts and prayers  / Melodi (passer by )  Read >>
Thoughts and prayers  / Melodi (passer by )
I was passing through this site - my friend just lost her son and also has a site in memory of him. I was reading the list her father found and thought wow this girl was a smart cookie. She really made me stop and think. Im sorry for your loss but hope that your wonderful memories will comfort all of you during this difficult time.
im guna miss you  / Matt Smidowicz (friend)  Read >>
im guna miss you  / Matt Smidowicz (friend)
You were always such a wonderful person. You were never shy and You always looked on the bright side of things. Im going to miss you so much. Close
Just heard the sad news!  / Naomi Schepp (First grade teacher )  Read >>
Just heard the sad news!  / Naomi Schepp (First grade teacher )
I was Christina"s First grade teacher at Dogwood and she was in my class just a few weeks after her Mother died! She was such a sweet, bright, caring child who was loved by everyone! She had great potential and I am saddened by the news! My deepest sympathy to her dad and brother,her friends and the rest of her family! My thoughts are with you during this terrible tragedy! Close
Found this list on Chrissy's notebook. Thought I would pass it along. She still shows me each day how wise she was.  / Tom Poggioli (Dad)  Read >>
Found this list on Chrissy's notebook. Thought I would pass it along. She still shows me each day how wise she was.  / Tom Poggioli (Dad)

They always told me that I was going to break hearts. I should have believed them; I would have been more prepared.


Some thoughts I’d like to pass on:


©      I don’t believe in soul-mates.

©      Sure, everything happens for a reason, but have you ever stopped to think if it was the right reason?

©      I don’t believe you can fall in love twice.  One of them has to be a façade.

©      There’s someone for everyone.

©      You cannot fall in love while you’re in high school.

©      There is no such thing as love at first sight, or second for that matter.

©      Love is grown not created.

©      Everyday should be lived like it’s your last.  You never know when that day will come.  Everyday should be a good day to die.

©      Don’t make enemies.  You never know when you might need their help.

©      Be nice to everyone; that way, there’s a better chance of having someone be nice to you.

©      Let people cut you off when you’re driving.  The three seconds you lose might save your life.

©      Smiles save lives.

©      Don’t take anything for granted.  For everything you have, there is someone who has better and someone who has worse.

©      On that note, take care of your lawn so your grass will be the greenest.

©      You are never alone.

©      The glass is always half-full, even when it’s empty.

©      Reach farther than the stars.  Why limit yourself?

©      Be a neat person; it will make your life so much easier.  Organization is a great quality.

©      Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed if you do something stupid.  Have fun with it.

©      You’re only young once.

©      You’re also only an adult once, so you should try your best to experience both.

©      Don’t act older than you are or lie about your age.  You’ll look like an idiot, and lose valuable experiences that people in your true age group come across.

©      Grab life by the horns.

©      You control your own destiny.

©      Fate is a made-up concept used to blame for poor decisions.

©      Don’t let anyone tell you the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon.

©      Don’t dwell in the past.

©      Listen to others’ advice, but don’t believe every word they say.

©      Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

©      Question authority.

©      Yield to warning signs.

©      If you’re in the middle of no where, and there’s a red light and no one around for miles, you should still stop.

©      Follow your heart, but don’t forget to listen to your brain too.

©      Family is everything.  Without your family, you are nothing, so give them what they deserve.

©      Sing and dance at every opportunity you are given.

©      Wait to have sex.  Life isn’t a race; take things slowly.

©      Find someone you would be willing to die for.  It doesn’t have to be a member of the opposite sex.  For instance, mine is my brother.

©      Be active.  No one wants to grow up to be a couch potato.

©      Friends are very important, but know how to distinguish between a friend, an acquaintance, and a true friend.

©      Meditate, even if for you that just means lying in bed trying to clear your head.

©      Try everything once.

©      Don’t save anything for the trip back; life is like a one-way street.

©      Wear sunscreen, seriously.

©      Don’t go tanning at a salon.  It makes your skin age faster.

©      Global warming actually is a problem.

©      Change the world.

©      The power of one isn’t just a catch phrase; each person really does have a lot of power.

©      Give church a try.  It might just surprise you.

©      Don’t hate anyone.  There’s got to be something about them you like or can at least tolerate.

©      Homework really is useless, but you should do it anyway.

©      Honesty and kindness are rewarded.

©      Do things for yourself sometimes, not only because you are trying to please others.

©      Don’t search for others’ approvals.  The only opinion that matters is your own.

©      Have fun.

©      Don’t give up on anything; no goal is unattainable.

©      On the same note, don’t try to save a relationship that the other person does not want to save.

©      Rescue damsels in distress on a daily basis.  They’re everywhere.

©      Help old grandmothers cross the street.

©      Help your neighbor with the groceries or shoveling.

©      Life is not about how much you can achieve; it’s how much you can help.

©      Run for President.

©      No job is too big to handle or too small to be ignored.

©      Plan for success, even if it means planning to not have a plan.

©      Being spontaneous is living.

©      Don’t be afraid to fall.  Falling is part of life.  It’s how long it takes to pick yourself back up that determines how strong a person you are.

©      Don’t kick boys in the groin, even if they deserve it.  It really hurts.

©      Try martial arts.  It’s exhilarating.

©      Teaching is one of the many joys of life.

©      Helping is the second.

©      Life has its ups and downs, so when you’re on a down, remember you still have the ups to look forward to.

©      Make-up is a waste of time and energy.

©      Inner beauty is what matters.

©      Listen to your elders.  Sometimes they actually are right.

©      Be safe.

©      Try new foods you’ve never tried before and learn to salsa.  Hey- you never know.

i hope youre watching over us all in heaven  / Jenna Lapidus (best friend, sisters at heart )  Read >>
i hope youre watching over us all in heaven  / Jenna Lapidus (best friend, sisters at heart )

christina was and always will be my hero. the most amazing, genuine, caring, beautiful, person anyone could meet. she helped me when i was further than rock bottom and words cant express how much i love her and miss her. my thoughts and prayers are always with the family. i will cherish the memories and never forget all the times we spent together. have fun spiking the popcorn up in heaven love

To the Poggioli's  / Maureen Montrose (Friend)  Read >>
To the Poggioli's  / Maureen Montrose (Friend)

I dont even know what to say... just that Christina made my day better everytime I saw her.  And she always made me feel good, and now I will do more to make people smile and brighten their day.  Christina has inspired me to reach out more to others and be kind.  Her Legacy will be endless.  The smiles that are left behind in memories of her will last forever, I'm actually smiling now thinking about it. 

The Power of A Smile.


i miss u <3  / Sarah Pavone (friend)  Read >>
i miss u <3  / Sarah Pavone (friend)

i miss u soo much words cant explain. u were such a great influence in my life that i would always say that i wanted to be just like u wen im older. i have so many memories that i will never forget. u were sucha  great person and i love u so much. im gonna miss being with u but i no ur haooy upp there with ur mom. hopefully we will all meet u up there one day. i looking foward to ur warm smile saying welcome. u will always be missed, but NEVER forgotten. I Love you Christina <3

I will miss you sooo much Christina  / Alex VanGurp (she helped me become a black belt and friend )  Read >>
I will miss you sooo much Christina  / Alex VanGurp (she helped me become a black belt and friend )
Dear Christina,
i knew you for 7 years and you helped me become a black belt. Karate will never ever be the same without you. You were a great teacher and an even better person. Someone easy to talk to. You were an amazing person and the world lost something very very valuble. Keep your same smile in heaven. Rest In Peace Christina. Me and my family will miss you.
Only the good die yong  / Matt And Tommy Dutton   Read >>
Only the good die yong  / Matt And Tommy Dutton

we did know u very well but as it looks u were a great person and the world will never forget:(rest in peace:(
~Matthew T. Dutton
~Thomas M. Dutton

I miss you<3  / Chelsea Quaranta (friend)  Read >>
I miss you<3  / Chelsea Quaranta (friend)
Dear Christina Marie Rose Poggioli, you were a beautiful, amazing smart, young women, you had so much ahead of you in this world. i know didn't know you that well but fron what i hear from your close friends you were an amazing girl, growing into a pretty young women, and i can just tell you that you did not deserve to get hit by that car. you were like nicks second mother, i am a friend of nicks and i will be there for him because i know he is very upset, but me and my fab. four are gunna doo all we can to cheer him up. i know you are with your mother now, i know you always wanted that, you are also with my grandpa, i hope you happy, because we all miss you down hear, but i know you are in a better place , heaven, you might not really know who i am, but i want you to know that i cared for you and if i did got to know you better you would probably of been like an older sister to me, becaause i have always wantd of those, juss by going to your wake i learned alot about you, i saw you in the caskit and it looked nothing like you, but you such a good example to hidden pond day camp, and you will always be apart of us, you mame think i am some kind of weirdo stalker but i am really not, i love you and i miss you soo much and i know your best freinds miss you also, i hope to see you again oe day, and everytime i think hidden pond day camp, i will think of you, and how much of an impact you left on us when you left. i love you dearly, and miss you soo much , god... i;ve must of said that atleast five times already but i jusst want to let you know. Love always, Chelsea Rose Quaranta Close
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