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so sorry  / Kelly Baldry (kelly passer by x )  Read >>
so sorry  / Kelly Baldry (kelly passer by x )
im so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter i know the pain you are in as i lost my 17 year old son joe in april this year he was killed in a forklift accident at work nothing will ever be the same in my life. i hope christina has met joe and become good friends he's a very lovable young man and will take great care of her for you thinking of you kelly joes mum Close
Dear Christina...  / Sasha Mallya (Old Friend )  Read >>
Dear Christina...  / Sasha Mallya (Old Friend )
It's been a long time since we last saw eachother and I can't believe we had to reunite in this way.  All I can think of is how beautiful you are and what a strong person you have always been and will continue to be. You will always be in my heart and prayers.

                                              Love Always,
                                                           Sasha xo Close
im so sorry  / Michele Joly (Acquaintance)  Read >>
im so sorry  / Michele Joly (Acquaintance)
i know we didnt really get to know one another but for the brife time that we did it was really nice. As a part of the chorus we all will miss you very much and i know that this year will be totally different. With you looking down upon all of us here at smithtown high school, we will all come to realize how precious life really is to us and maybe everyone will realize things that could happen in the blink of an eye. But i think i should go now, i feel likei'm rambling...we will miss you christina. with love from all. <3 Close
Rest in Peace Christina  / Beth Kristos (knew of her )  Read >>
Rest in Peace Christina  / Beth Kristos (knew of her )

For many as for myself reality hasnt hit. You were never seen without a smile and the senior class of 'o6 is not going to be the same without you. It's unreal to know that a girl that was suppose to graduate with us is now looking down us which is sad but your with your mother so now you can tell her what accomplishments you made in the last 17 years of your life. I know your looking down on all of us. we love and miss you christina. May you always rest in nothing but peace. <33

Dear Christina  / Jennifer Sarc (Coworker at HPP Day Camp )  Read >>
Dear Christina  / Jennifer Sarc (Coworker at HPP Day Camp )
Dear Christina,

I only knew you a short time but in the time that I did know you, you were always smiling and made things seem like life wasn't so bad.  I wish i could have gotten to know you better. 

dear christina,  / Andrea Valentine (friend)  Read >>
dear christina,  / Andrea Valentine (friend)

Dear Christina,


I am truly blessed to have known you. I still can’t believe that you’re gone.

We have so many memories from elementary school all the way to junior year.. I couldn’t even begin to say them all. I’m gonna miss you asking me about my imaginary 1000th degree black belt. You know I can beat you up lol … (okayyy, so maybe I can’t haha) … That will always make me laugh. And then there’s religion(changing the clocks!), middle school science (frogs and roller coasters lol), Capozzi’s class .. soo many more, this could go on forever.


I got a real parking sticker the other day. lol But, I know parking there with that won’t be as much fun as parking with ours. I’m gonna miss seeing your car in the parking lot every morning and parking next to you. I’m gonna miss walking in (late, b/c you know it’s impossible for me to be on time=P) and hearing …

 “Oh my God, Andge!”  “What?!”  “The security guard looked at me funny!”  haha =)


You are amazing. I’ll probably never meet anyone like you again, and I guess I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the 12 years you were part of my life. Thank you for all the memories. Thank you for always making me laugh. Thank you for helping me with math! lol. Most of all, thank you for teaching me about the kind of person I want to be.  You’re my hero, you always have been. I’m sorry I never told you, but I hope you know now.


Have fun up there with your mom and your grandma.

I’ll see you in heaven. Keep smiling.

I miss you. xoxo<3

Love Always,


The Poem I wrote you in 9th grade, remember? :-)  / Justin Schreck ("Brother")  Read >>
The Poem I wrote you in 9th grade, remember? :-)  / Justin Schreck ("Brother")

Where to start, where to begin

My love for you comes deep from within.

Since the day I’ve met you,

You’ve shown me nothing but friendliness,

You’ve been the boost I always needed,

That I must confess.


When you were down, I helped you out

Knowing you’d do the same without a doubt.

When you were sad, I was sad with you

When you felt blue, I felt a shade of it too.

I’m telling the truth, I do not lie

Our faith in each other will never ever die


So close, no matter how far,

It couldn’t be much more from the heart.

Through Black of day, Dark of night,

I could just feel better when I see you in my sight.

All these words I don’t just say,

We’ll be there for each other each and every day.


What I’m Telling You Now Comes Straight From My Heart,

“I Am Forever With You, I Will Not Depart”




Thanks Christina, for all your love...I miss you so much...

Sweetheart / Missy (cousin)  Read >>
Sweetheart / Missy (cousin)
Hi Sweetheart,

I go on everyday with out you but its sooooooooooo hard!  I thought writing might make me feel better but the tears just blurr the keyboard. As promised  I am taking care of Daddy and Nicky the best way I know how.  Can you please give a big kiss to Mommy and Grandma for me.
As I continue on my path I know you are with me and this is how I will get thru the day, What I would do for one more last hug.
p.s. You and I both know Daddy does not need anyone taking care of him but I think he lets me think I am to make me feel better. Close
Poem for you.  / Maureen Montrose (Friend)  Read >>
Poem for you.  / Maureen Montrose (Friend)
My faith tells me that its all o-k
Im supposed to accept things are this way.

That you are in a better place
But I simply cannot come to face

Your picture up upon my wall
Because Tears just simply start to fall

My regret is I didn't know you well
I simply thought that I could tell

You how my summer was and all
When we were in English, in the Fall

How could I know that summer was your end
Before we could of again been friends

How could I know my last time with you
Was Belli's class, way back in june?

My regret has brought me determination
To successfully fufill this revelation

Friends are Friends no matter the place!
And should remain so, in any case

All it takes is one phone call
To cross the distance and break the wall

To Keep in touch with all our friends
Who knows when it wil be the end?

Tell your friends how much you care
And never leave a moment bare

Of love, attention and empathy
Because I know that's what you gave to me

miss you <3
I Miss You, Christina <3  / Sammy McLaughlin (Friend <33 )  Read >>
I Miss You, Christina <3  / Sammy McLaughlin (Friend <33 )
Dear Christina,
 I still cannot believe that you are gone.  When I found out that we had lost you that morning, my heart sunk into the pit of my stomach.  You had such an impact on my life, and i am so grateful that I got to have you as my friend for as long as I did.  It feels like I've known you all of my life, and for you to put that much of an impact on my life, well that means that you were an amazing friend; which you were.  I know that you are happy up in Heaven with your mom, and I know that you are probably making everyone up there smile and laugh just like you did down here on Earth.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you, and you are always in my heart.  I Love and Miss You So Much....May You Forever Rest In Peace, Christina <3
Love always,
Sammy Close
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