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Dear Christina,  / Beth Kristos (friends)  Read >>
Dear Christina,  / Beth Kristos (friends)

It's hard to know that your not going to be with us on stage when we get our diplomas but you will be in everyone's mind and heart during that ceremony. It's unbelieveable how someone like you could be taken away from earth. I understand now though. God was a missing an angel from heaven and looked and found you because Christina you were a true angel on earth. Senior year is not the same for anyone because one of our good friends isn't here with us enjoying the senior life. Your pictures on this website make me cry because its too hard to accept that your really gone. I know with your mom and that you telling her every little thing about your adventure on earth. We Miss you and Love you Christina. May you rest in peace<3  

Such a Lovely Girl!  / Katherine Westmoland (visitor)  Read >>
Such a Lovely Girl!  / Katherine Westmoland (visitor)

It is so quickly apparent that Christina was full of Life and Love and Joy, that she knew how to live life to the fullest and did so, and that she was so very, very loved and admired by many!!
As I looked at her pictures, I didn't even need to read further to feel these things....they came through so immediately & vividly!  You were all so very privilaged to have such a person be a part of your lives and I pray the memories will truly be a comfort to you in the passing days, weeks, months and years to come.
We lost or precious youngest grand daughter, Sarah Faith Schmidt this past summer at the age of 2 years 3 months when she managed to find her way through a safety gate in their home and so quickly out the back door and into their new family pool.  This tragity will haunt our lives till the day each of us can join her in Heaven with Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  I believe that though it will be a long lifetime for us until that day, for Sarah it will be but the blink of an eye and she will no longer be without us, that as quickly as she greets one of us another will be on our way.  So, though we may be here grieving daily and often in such deep sorrow there seems no consolation will ever come, I am comforted in the knowledge that She Will Never Know This Kind of Sorrow Or Loss & even if she had lived to be old enough to have experienced such as this and other sorrows, she Never Will Again, AS IT IS FOR YOUR CHRISTINA!
 I pray you will find strength, courage, comfort and healing in knowing that She Is Safe In The Home Of Jesus.  Our greatest comfort is knowing how much Sarah at the tender age of 2 already knew and loved Jesus.  Her true legacy to us all was in her 2 most favorite songs that she sang over and over throughout each day: "Jesus Loves Me" & "Say To The Lord I LOVE YOU".  More than ever we strive to live for and Love the Lord and we do find comfort in knowing that just as Jesus Loves Me, and as much as we love Sarah, Our Heavenly Father actually made her and loves her even more.  It is hard to imagine any greater love that we all feel for her, but in believing God's Word it does bring us comfort and the promise that we will be reunited with her someday soon, so though we already were living your life for the Lord, we are even more dedicated now so that one day We Will All Be Together In Heaven Forever, NEVER AGAIN TO SAY GOODBYE, NEVER AGAIN!  I pray that as this knowledge and our faith is bringing us comfort, YOU Will Have The Same Comfort in knowing one day you and your beautiful, awesome Christina will be together again Forever...Never to be seperated again, never to hurt or be lonely or feel sorrow or loss or pain, just joy and love she already does!
You truly will be in my prayers and thoughts and I will come visit your beautiful Christina again.  How blessed we were/are...we always knew we were blessed to have them, didn't we......we just never were ready for them to leave so soon, so suddenly and before us!
Again, I am so, so very, very sorry that another family and other friends are going through this experience of lossing someone when for us it seems way too young and way too soon!  I just know that Christian and our Sarah Faith are both giggling together, dancing and singing and joyously happy and free of any and all cares.  Even in seeing us in our sadness, they do not have to feel the sadness with us...and that in itself is a comfort, is it not. 
Please accept my heartfelt and most sincere condolences.  May God Bless You with the Strength, Courage, Comfort & Healing that only Faith and Time can offer,
In Love & Prayer,
Katherine Westmoland, Sarah Faith's Mema

condolence poem/tribute  / Catherine Siegel (Friend/CoWorker)  Read >>
condolence poem/tribute  / Catherine Siegel (Friend/CoWorker)







Christina was a beautiful person, inside and out.  She will forever be missed and in the hearts of all she touched.  In her short 17 years of life she touched more people than most do in 50 years.  Nothing can measure what was lost on July 27th 2005, and no words can describe who Christina was, and the pain left behind in the wake of her death.  All I can grasp on to now are memories, and God knows I will cheris the memories I have until the day I too pass on.  We love you Christina, and we will count the days till we can say it to your face once more.
Rest in Peace.

I miss youu  / Michelle F. (Chorus Friend )  Read >>
I miss youu  / Michelle F. (Chorus Friend )
Christina, I finally have the coruage to get to get onto this site. I miss you so much. We were talking about you for the whole period on thursday (4th period). I know I wasn't your closest friend, but Just reading everything you wrote, and seeing pictures of you that I never seen, it's make me know more about you, I wish I could have learned this before you left us. Every day we all go thorugh that feeling, everytime that we realize that you're not here. But you're here in spirit. I miss you. I can't say it enough. <3Michelle Close
Sorry its taking so long...  / Jennifer Cummings (Co-worker. MIDDLE GIRLS! )  Read >>
Sorry its taking so long...  / Jennifer Cummings (Co-worker. MIDDLE GIRLS! )
I still cannot find all that i want to say, but i just have to leave something to let you know that i think about you everyday. In only 6 weeks you had really touched my life so much that it feels like someone i have known my whole life is now gone. It scares me to think that you are gone. The only rational explination that ive heard is that maybe God is taking only the best and forming some other perfect world out there. I have learned more about you in these past 2 months than i had when you were with us, and it all validates the feeling i have always had about you. I still remember that week when i came back from camp after college orientation, and Maresa was still on vacation and you yelled "Jen Cummings!!" and gave me a hug and told me that you missed me. Im still waiting for that again, and i know someday i will get it. There is so much more i want to say, but i just cant right now. I will be back to finish, my dear. Keep watching over us, and keep laughing at some of the stupid things we are all doing. I know you are just shaking your head right now at me. You have no idea what an impact you have made on me Christina Marie. Love always, JENCUMMINGS (as one word haha) P.S. I still agree with you that the robots in "War of the Worlds" got sick!!! Close
International Star Registry  / Senior Class Council (Friends of )  Read >>
International Star Registry  / Senior Class Council (Friends of )
Dear Poggioli Family,
Your daughter was truly an inspiration to us all! She will always be in our thoughts and prayers!
Senior Class Council

Christina Marie Poggioli
Pisces RA 1h21m34s D 31*17'

i cant believe it still...  / Alison Minyard (friend)  Read >>
i cant believe it still...  / Alison Minyard (friend)
School's started, and it's so wierd that you're not there.  You wouldn't be anyway cause you were going to go to West, but knowing you're not even over there is so heart wrenching.  You had so much to give and it isn't fair that someone as amazing and good and beautiful as you had to be taken from us.  We need you down here with us Christina, to show all of us the path to goodness.  But the thing is, you are with us everyday, in our hearts, in our minds, in the halls, in chorus, and in everynote we sing in chorus.  Every note we sing this year is for you.  I'm supposed to go over to West soon to talk to Mrs. Oill, and I know that when I walk into the music suite I will be overwhelmed with your presence.  I can't wait to get over there.  Please be there when I go so I can say hi to you again.  I know I didn't know as well as others did, and if I could have one wish it would be to go back in time and become as close as others were with you.  But you still had an affect on my life.  We all love and miss you everyday.  We know you're shining down on us from heaven.  RIP our Angel<3 Close
Because I'm a mom  / Sherry Keller (Didn't know her )  Read >>
Because I'm a mom  / Sherry Keller (Didn't know her )
Was here reading about my neice who died at 21years of age and saw Christina's dads posting.  It broke my heart and I had to send my thoughts and prayers.  There are no words that will make the pain go away.  But to her dad I say you raised a beautiful young lady heaven received a true angel. Close
Too hard to believe...  / Shaina Indovino (Friend//School)  Read >>
Too hard to believe...  / Shaina Indovino (Friend//School)
Christina, you were a great person and it's still very hard to this day to believe you are gone. Even if you didn't know it, you inspired so many people. Everytime I sit in chorus, and look around, I notice you're not there, and so many others are thinking the same thing, with tear-filled eyes in your rememberance... I don't think any of us could ever fully accept the fact that you're gone from this world.. I remember when I met you in Middle School in only sixth grade, and even though I didn't quite get along with the people you were friends with, you were different. You were kind to anyone and everyone, and I can't remember a time I ever saw you frown.. I don't think I ever did. I understand that you are needed somewhere else now, but I wish I had a chance to thank you. You don't know how much a few kind words can help from afar. ; ; To Christina's Family: I only met you a few times, but I am very sorry for your loss, and even while she's gone, Christina still inspires many people in every aspect of life, each and every day.. Close
I Miss You SO MUCH, Christina <3  / Sammy McLaughlin (Friend<3)  Read >>
I Miss You SO MUCH, Christina <3  / Sammy McLaughlin (Friend<3)
        Life hasn't been the same without you.  It gets harder and harder everyday down here on Earth living without your smile.  I Miss You So Close
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