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Time has past.... But your name remains in my Heart.  / Phiilip Hennings (best friend/co-worker )  Read >>
Time has past.... But your name remains in my Heart.  / Phiilip Hennings (best friend/co-worker )
Finally we are having another TKD tournament, It feels like it has been 5 years since I was in one...... But I remember the last tournament I was in with you. It was at Wagner College.... and I was sparring this guy who was amazing at his kicks when I didn't know what to do..... John was my coach and You were standing there cheering me on as loud as you could as if I were winning, even though I was practically losing. ever since that tournament I have gotten so much better at sparring but now that I have no one like you to cheer me on if Im fighting I dont know how I'll do. but Im still sparring anyway, because I know you would never want me to give up. I know you will be cheering me on in Heaven, and in My Heart.... I love you Christina Marie Poggioli..... And I miss you so much. Close
dear christina  / Catherine Siegel (friend/co worker )  Read >>
dear christina  / Catherine Siegel (friend/co worker )
Dear Christina

Today the lights went out(they turned the power off) and i, for some reason, thought of you, and how much i miss u and the really sad thing was, i could get the man to turn the lights back on, but who do i talk to when i want my friend back?
i wanted to cry but i knew you wouldn't want that so i held it together.

i miss you .
R4L Close
We will always remember you  / Philip (Great friend )  Read >>
We will always remember you  / Philip (Great friend )
I remember from the moment I met you in that dojo that we will be great friends. I remember that we always used to stretch together in class and Demo team. I remember how I always used to spar with you on saturdays. I remember when you tested for your black belt I was there testing with you, and you were there when I was testing for mine. I remember when we were at all of those tournaments you were so amazing that you always won the gold for sparing. I always remember how you were always so loving and kind to me and everyone around me that if you ever got mad at nick we always thought the world was comming to an end. But the problem with me remembering all of this is that I always cry about it that it takes me almost all day to stop. I miss you so much Chrissy and I cant wait to see you again in heaven.  Close
Love Never Dies  / Maureen (Classmate)  Read >>
Love Never Dies  / Maureen (Classmate)
"Love Never Dies"

Death is nothing.
I have only passed into the next room.
I am me, you are you.
What we were for each other, we are always.

Call me by the name you have always used.
Speak to me as you have always done.
Change not your tone.
Be not solemn or sad in manner.
Laugh at the things we lasughed at together.

Pray, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be spoken at home as it has always been.
without emphasis of any kind or any trace of darkness.

Life means what it has always meant.
It is what it has always been.
The thread has not been cut.
Why would I be out of your thoughts because I am out of sight?
I wait for you. I am not far away. Just on the other side of the road.
You see all is well.

By Canon Henry Scott-Holland
Memories Keep Those We Love Close to Us Forever...  / Anonymous (fellow Smithtown student )  Read >>
Memories Keep Those We Love Close to Us Forever...  / Anonymous (fellow Smithtown student )

Memories Keep Those We Love

Close To Us Forever

Although words seem to say so little,

I hope they help in some small way

to ease the sense of loss

that you're experiencing today.

Hold fast to your memories,
to all of the cherished moments

of the past,

to the blessings and the laughter,

the joys and the celebrations,

the sorrow and the tears.

They all add up to a treasure

of fond yesterdays

that you shared and spent together.

They keep the one you loved

close to you in spirit and thought.

The special moments

and memories in your life

will never change.

They will always be in your heart,

today and forevermore.

Please stay strong everyone, and trust that God is watching over each and every one of Christina's family members, friends, and entire community.

One year..  / Anonymous   Read >>
One year..  / Anonymous
Since it is almost a year now, i cannot stop thinking about your wake and funeral.  I remember exactly what i was doing and the terrible way I found out that you died.  I couldn't believe it.  I cant believe that was real and those days really happened.  Your wake was [what i thought] the most terrible thing i've ever experienced.  Your funeral on the other hand was the most.  Ive never cried so much and I hope to never cry that much again.  I remember what i wore, what I had for breakfast before i went to the church.  I mostly remember afterwards all of us standing outside the church doors crying for almost an hour.  Everytime time im in church and "On Eagles Wings" comes on I get teary eyed remembering your funeral.  Ill never forget it.  Seeing soo many people there from school, and hugging and crying on people I never thought I would.  So many barriers were broken that day, and I just remember forgetting every grudge and being cried on and hugged.  Ill never forget it.

 Thank you for the time we spent together and thank you for teaching me more about my life in your passing.  

Im visiting you with friends on the 27th.

Im sure we wont be alone.

I love you.
missing you  / Anonymous (close friend )  Read >>
missing you  / Anonymous (close friend )
I can't believe its been a year already. I still wait for the phone to ring and to hear your voice on the other end. I think about all the things we did together.  I even still talk about the first time I met you and you captured my heart that day and what good friends you, your family and mine became. I will never stop loving you or your family, they are a very big part of my life and always will be.
Its been a very long year. Not a day goes by that I dont think of you. How can I not, your pictures are around my house and at my job.  I miss you so much and when I think about the time we lost together because of my stubboness and yours) only saddens me more and I am so sorry for that.  I am just so happy that I got to tell you that I loved you before you were taken from us. So last week in your memory I got a tattoo of an angel with your initials in the clouds, now you will always be with me.
I can sit here forever writning to you right now but its getting hard for me to see what I am writing through my Im going to end here by saying how much I love you and miss you and that you are always in my thoughts.........mawh xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Close
Sometimes / Anonymous   Read >>
Sometimes / Anonymous
Sometimes your memory will push its way into my mind.
It's not that I don't want to think of you, or that I don't miss you terribly.
But, that in remembering you brings tears into my eyes and an ache into my heart.
Makes me remember with your memory, all the pain and makes afresh the wounds inside my soul.
Makes the emptiness overwhelm me, until I cannot feel anything but hurt, and anger, and helplessness.
Never will I forget you, or stop hurting.
But hope sometime when your memory pushes its way into my mind, that it wont be so hard to remember you.
And maybe even smile at heaven, knowing you are there. Close
Thinking of you  / Jennfier Sarc (Co-Worker)  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Jennfier Sarc (Co-Worker)
I can't believe it's been almost a whole year since i worked with you at camp. Camp starts on Monday, which made me think about you  and how much cap won't be the same without you there.  Even though I didnt know you that well, i remember talking to you by the poll a couple times and on days that I felt bad, youd always make me smile.  I just wanted to say I miss you and camp won't be the same this year without you. Close
christina<3 / Kate Mustakas (friend<3)  Read >>
christina<3 / Kate Mustakas (friend<3)
well, its still hurting just as bad as it did a year ago. i hope you're happy up there. not a moment goes by i dont think about you. i love you and this summer i know you'll be there in my heart and in my mind<3 love&missyou

kate<33 Close
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