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Friendships will come and go (unfinished)  

Friendships will come and go,
Relationships will die.
But one thing that cannot change,
Is the strength of you and I.
The greatest gift one can receive.
Is for a loving Father.
The greatest gift that one can give,
Is to be a loving daughter.
The bond of father and daughter,
Is an unbreakable one.
Family is there for each other,
And to have a lot of fun.
Through the good times,
And the bad.
Through the happy,
And the sad.
Our love for each other,
Will continuously grow.
Even if at some points,
It seems hard to show.
I love you,
With all of my heart.
Never want to

White Sand Written: May 12, 2004  

The serene beach,
With beautiful sea shells,
Scattered in powder white sand,
Reflect sunsets that reach out for miles.
But the broken shells,
Scratched my bare feet,
And the cold hearted water,
Pulled me far under the surface.
I opened my eyes,
Only to feel the sting and close them,
It was then I knew,
They’d never open again.
There were no lifeguards,
No one came to find my lifeless body,
No one seemed to care,
I was just left there to die.
I was left to be forgotten,
Maybe if the tide carried me in,
And I stained the sand red,
Maybe they’d remember me then.

Thank-you for contributions made in memory of Christina Marie Poggioli @ 10-20-2005  
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