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,. Love Dad lit a candle on 03/07/2018: "Happy 30th Birthday. Today you sent snow and reminded me of how much you loved to ski. I miss your butterfly kisses."
Susan Rapp lit a candle on 12/12/2017: "Chrissy, Love you & miss you. I put up Angel Chrissy, the one playing the flute, in my front yard for Christmas xoxo"
Summer Hancock lit a candle on 03/07/2017: "Happy birthday Chrissy💜 Keep watching over all of us!"
Dad lit a candle on 03/06/2017: "Today I should be preparing for your 29th birthday but instead simply remembering your beautiful face & smile. Miss You!"
Dad lit a candle on 07/28/2016: "Needless to say you filled my thoughts yesterday, but not different than everyday. Always in my thoughts. Love & Miss U"
Lisa Poggioli lit a candle on 07/21/2016: "Thinking of you my sweet angel xoxoxo"
Jessica Marshall lit a candle on 03/07/2016: "Happy Birthday! Our birthday will never be the same, but I will always celebrate with you in my heart <3"
Jean Charte lit a candle on 10/18/2015: "I had lost touch with your dad and family. So saddened to hear of your passing. My deepest condolences."
Mom To Gordon Arnette lit a candle on 07/28/2015: "Thinking of you and you're family angel. In my thoughts & prayers ♥"
Dad lit a candle on 07/28/2015: "10 years, feels like 100 years of sadness all in one day. Miss you so much! We hope you like the flowers."
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