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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Christina Poggioli who was born in
New York on March 07, 1988 and passed away on July 27, 2005 at the age of 17. We will remember her forever. Everyone will remember her contagious smile and beautiful soul. Never will we forget her or her amazing personality. 

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Christina Marie Rose Poggioli
March 7, 1988 - July 27, 2005
We love you Christina<3

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Tributes and Condolences
Happy Birthday   / Tom Poggioli (Dad)
Chrissy another birthday apart but I know the other angels are going to make sure you have a great day. My thoughts tomorrow will be only happy times and reflecting how blessed I was to have you in my life even for a brief time. Love and miss you, Da...  Continue >>
Miss you   / Taylor
Can't believe it's been 10 years already, I miss you more than words and love you to the moon and back, please keep shining down on me❤️
my angel forever   / Taylormarie (cousin)
I guess I was too young at the time to realize how much I would miss you. Now, 7 years later I realize. I miss your laugh and your smile. I had no clue of this website until I put you name in google. This website came up and I see all of these pictur...  Continue >>
hey beautiful girl   / Sarah Pavone (Friend)
hey little lady... its been a very long time since i visited this website. im still having a hard time letting you go. the fact that i saw you get airlifted and had no idea it was you is still bothering me. i cant get hat image out of my head. e...  Continue >>
Do not stand at my grave and weep,   / Dad
Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am in a thousand winds that blow, I am the softly falling snow. I am the gentle showers of rain, I am the fields of ripening grain. I am in the morning hush, I am in the graceful ru...  Continue >>
Answered by Chrissy September 2003  / Tom Poggioli (Dad)    Read >>
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Her legacy
3rd Annual CMP 5K Run/Walk  

This year the information is available through a website developed especially for the event.  Thanks to all involved in its development.





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